1/2-day to 8-day glacier and iceberg sea kayaking and stand up paddle boarding tours. Exclusive sea kayaking glamping base camp. Our camp offers a comfortable setting, an enclosed dinning shelter, a place to warm up, and overnight lodging. Only Alaska Kayak offers this comfort at Bear Glacier.
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Bear Glacier Remote Kenai Fjords Glamping Lodge
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Bear Viewing Tours 1 to 7 Day Options
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Guided and unguided options are available at Bear Glacier
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Alaska Wildlife Viewing Adventures - Marine Wildlife and Bears Viewing
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Bear Glacier - Seward, Alaska Sea Kayaking Paradise
1/2 Day to 8-Day Tour Packages - Starting At $240

Experience - Alaska Kayak is the only Bear Glacier Sea Kayaking and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Tour Company that has a full time staff that lives at Bear Glacier in summer. This is our summer location. We know Bear Glacier area better then any other tour company.

Bear Glacier is known for it’s giant icebergs and is the most spectacular sightseeing and paddling destinations available in Seward, Alaska. Paddling in the maze of icebergs is an amazing experience and makes a Bear Glacier sea kayaking trip an adventure of a lifetime. Bear Glacier is the only location in Seward, Alaska that you can experience sea kayaking with icebergs.

A remote Sea Kayaking Paradise, Bear Glacier Lagoon is only accessible by water taxi or helicopter and located south of Seward on the west side of Resurrection Bay.

Take a moment to look at our Bear Glacier Photo Album and just imagine how amazing it would be seeing this awesome place in person.

Comfort - Our Bear Glacier tours are ran from our exclusive sea kayaking glamping base camp. Our camp offers a comfortable setting, an enclosed dinning shelter, a place to warm up, and lodging. Only Alaska Kayak offers this comfort at Bear Glacier.

Compare Seward, AK Sea Kayaking Locations
Bear Glacier Sea Kayaking VS Aialik Bay Sea Kayaking
  • Cost - Bear Glacier lower cost. Tours starting as low as $240 each
  • Unmatched Scenic Views, Giant Icebergs - Only Bear Glacier has giant icebergs. Aialik Bay has no icebergs. Bear Glacier is a more scenic and a more remote location.
  • Crowds and Tour Boats - Bear Glacier has no crowds there are only small groups. You will most likely not see anyone besides your small group. Aialik Glacier has large groups. There can be between 20 - 50 People Sea kayaking up to the Aialik glacier. You will also encounter large tour boats at Aialik Bay. There are no tour boats at Bear Glacier. Bear Glacier is a more remote wilderness sitting.
  • Sea Kayaking Paddling Time - Bear Glacier offers a better sea kayaking experience and more sea kayaking time. Bear Glacier is a short 45-minute water taxi boat ride from Seward. Bear Glacier also offers helicopter fly-in option, just 15 minutes from Seward. Our full day Bear Glacier sea kayaking trips you’ll have around 8 hours of paddling time to explore the icebergs and glacier, plus a lunch break. The 10-hour Aialik Bay sea kayaking tours offered by others you will spend 6-8 hours of you tour time riding in a water taxi boat getting to and from Aialik with very little time kayaking. You will be lucky to be in the water paddling for 2-3 hours on their 10-hour Aialik Bay tours.
  • Wildlife – Both Bear Glacier and Aialik Bay locations have harbor seals this is what you are mostly likely to see at both locations. Other wildlife in the area includes black bears, coyotes, Mt goats, and birds. Both locations on the water taxi to and from you might also see whales, sea otters, puffins and other marine wildlife.
References are available on request.

Thank you so much for a fabulous kayaking trip at Bear Glacier! Your hospitality and great trip planning made for a truly wonderful and memorable time. I especially enjoyed paddling thought the icebergs and wildlife.


Our week in Alaska was truly on the best of my life. Never before have I had the opportunity to see so much wildlife in its natural habitat. Kayaking through the ice fields, having lunch next to a calving glacier, seeing a 19 legged star fish - every experience was unique and unforgettable. Thank you so much.


I thought write and let you know how much I enjoyed the Bear Glacier Sea Kayaking trip. I know Ann enjoyed it very much as well. The kayaking trip was a wonderful stress release and wonderful experience. It was made possible by your wonderful guide services! Thanks so much! I am recommend Bear Glacier to everyone I know.


Thank you for organizing such an amazing time. We really enjoyed the experience and loved being able to see the glaciers and wildlife from the seat of a kayak.

David and Jess

Thank you guiding us around Bear Glacier lagoon in July. We all felt it was among the most memorable - and certainly the most unique aspect of our visit to Alaska. I still clearly recall the sounds of the ice melting and bubbles popping when you led us kayaking. We appreciate all the work that you did to make our week in Alaska a memorable vacation.

Chris and Susan

Our Most Popular Alaska Adventure Tours
Alaska Kayak offers a diverse selection of guided Bear Glacier sea kayaking tours and Alaska tours. Unguided Bear Glacier options are also available for experience sea kayakers. Click here to see all our tours.
Full Day Kayaking Bear Glacier
Aialik Bay Sea KayakingMost Popular
Day Trip
Sea Kayaking
Giant Icebergs
Bear Glacier is the only location in Seward, Alaska that you can experience sea kayaking with icebergs.
Bear Glacier Glamping Camp
Aialik Bay Sea KayakingMost Popular
Glamping Lodging
Sea Kayaking
Giant Icebergs
Multi-day kayaking at Bear Glacier and comfortable lodging in our modern custom made fabric tension cabins.
1/2 Day Paddle Boarding
Aialik Bay Sea KayakingMost Popular
Paddle Boarding
Giant Icebergs
1/2 Day Standup Paddle Boarding SUP tours Bear Glacier. For the adventurous traveler. **Requires swimming skills.
Helicopter Kayaking
Aialik Bay Sea KayakingMost Popular
Heli Flightseeing
Sea Kayaking
Giant Icebergs
Combine helicopter a flight seeing trip with sea kayaking at Bear Glacier. Flexible departure times.
Bears and Icebergs
Aialik Bay Sea KayakingBear Glacier
Giant Icebergs
Bear Viewing
Bear Glacier Glamping Camp sea kayaking combined with a fly-in bear viewing tour package. 7-days
Denali and Icebergs
Aialik Bay Sea KayakingBear Glacier
Giant Icebergs
Denali National Park
Bear Glacier Glamping Camp sea kayaking combined with a tour to Denali National Park. 7-day tour package.
Heli Flightseeing Iceberg Tour
Aialik Bay Sea KayakingHeli Flightseeing
Bear Glacier
Giant Icebergs
Boat Tour
Bear Glacier helicopter flight seeing plus 45 minute boat tour at Bear Glacier to see the giant icebergs up-close.
Bear Glacier Kayak Rental
Aialik Bay Sea KayakingSingle Kayaks
Double Kayaks
Camping Gear
Single and double sea kayaks, paddle boards, camping gear, and dry suits rentals for experience paddlers.
Bear Glacier Water Taxi
Aialik Bay Sea KayakingBoat Transportation
Bear Glacier
Resurrection Bay
Water Taxi and kayak transport to Bear Glacier, Resurrection Bay, and Aialik Bay in Kenai Fjords Park.
Seward Helicopter Flightseeing
Aialik Bay Sea KayakingFlightseeing
Grand Views

Flightseeing provides amazing views of Kenai Fjords, Harding Icefield, glaciers, forestlands and Resurrection Bay.

Whale Watching Glacier Cruise
Aialik Bay Sea KayakingWhale Watching
Calving Glacier
1-day Kenai Fjords whale watching, wildlife glacier cruises. 6 options with a number of departure times.
Bear Viewing
Aialik Bay Sea KayakingSeward, AK
Remote Fly-in
Bear Viewing Trips
Bear Viewing trips departing from Seward, AK. Alaska bush float plane, fly out to a remote location to see the bears.
Aialik Bay Sea KayakingAlaska Railroad
Plane and Boat
Scheduled transportation on the Alaska Railroad, bus and small group charter transportations.
Denali Park Tour Packages
Aialik Bay Sea KayakingDenali
National Park
3-7 day Tour Packages
We specializes in Denali Tours. Our packages offer better value. Tours can be customize to fit your desires.
Pre- And Post-Cruise Tours
Aialik Bay Sea KayakingCruise
Pre- and Post-Tour Packages
Pre- and post-cruise land tour packages. Our packages offer better value. Tours can be customize to fit your desires.
Custom Alaska Tour Packages
Aialik Bay Sea KayakingSmall Groups
Custom Tours
If you can imagine it we can make it happen. We offer personalized custom trips that cater to your special interests.

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1-Day Bear Viewing And Fishing Seward, AK
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